men in a hamburger station covered wagon

A Little About Us

The first Hamburger Station opened on Main Street in downtown Akron in 1975 but the hamburger it serves has roots all the way back to 1916. As fate would have it, a 14-year-old, Jim Lowe found his way to Akron, Ohio after running away from his home in Nashville, Tennessee. With Jim Down to his last nickel, “Old Man” Thacker took the young boy in and gave him a job.  So, it was natural he would grow up loving hamburgers. With all his history in hamburgers, Jim Lowe got together with the Michaels family (Andy, John, and Art) and opened the first Hamburger Station. Hamburger Station burgers are lean fresh beef served with pickles, fresh onions, and mustard (Ketchup is for your fries) on fresh baked buns. The fries are fresh cut by hand right on the premise. Onion rings are fresh onions “popped” and hand breaded. You will want to order more than just one Hamburger Station burger. To accommodate you, Hamburger Station has burgers available by the speed pack, the 6-pack, 12-pack, or the family pack (12 burgers, 3 fries and 2 onion rings). Jim Lowe may have passed away but his love of hamburgers and his ideal of serving a unique fresh hamburger to please his customers lives on in the Michaels family. Come and enjoy the experience of Hamburger Station!